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Estudio Mendoza is a collective of architects and designers founded by Marcos Elgueta and Guido Elgueta. We focuse on architectural design, interior design, furniture and photoreal images of unbuilt projects.

The work environment in our studio: "The inverted mullet" Party in the front, business in the back. Or the perfect balance between business and party.

We believe that in order to motivate creativity, a laid back work environment is essential. We share lunches and enjoy watching little kitten videos. We eagerly wait for the "sodero" ( a sort of milkman of sparkling water) every Thursday. On Fridays we make spontaneous BBQs. On the other hand, we take our work  with lots of responsibility and professionalism. We have never missed a deadline and we push ourselves to reach the highest quality level.


Working method: We base our projects on three pillars. Focus: knowing the client and its needs. Simplicity:  reduce our ideas to their minimal expression and execute them with simplicity. Interdisciplinarity: using ideas that come from other disciplines. 

The nerdy stuff.

There are certain basic and logic rules that give order to the physical universe. These rules are explained through algebra. 

We propose that there might be another way of giving order to the universe, since we understand that what we perceive tends to be more complex than what it seems to be.

Aristotle wrote about Hyle and Morphe, matter and form. Referring to his own comprehension of things. We would like to introduce another concept: movement, time. We understand that things can not be on their own, but there is a relationship between everything that exists, a balance, a proportion. EM explores this relationship, producing work that reflects this knowledge. The best of all is that this knowledge not only is applicable to the physical universe, but to the universe as a whole. 


Estudio Mendoza is an international collective of architects and designers who manifest their passion for art, architecture, photography and design using hyper-real still and motion imagery. Collaborating with acclaimed architects, developers and interior designers. Estudio Mendoza plays an integral role in the creative process by masterfully sculpting spaces with light, proportion, and technical precision. Blending imagination with cutting-edge technology, Estudio Mendoza constructs cinematic renderings that transcend reality to achieve a magical vision of tomorrow.  


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Guido Elgueta





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Marcos Elgueta


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